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Jackie from the London Hair Salon

About Jackie & London Hair 

Jackie has been in Australia for eighteen  years and has made Adelaide her home. Jackie was born in London and is a true Cockney from Stepney in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. 

Creating London Hair was Jackie’s ambition from the very start. It started on Rundle Street in 2003

From there that Jackie offered the ultra luxurious technique of woven (not glued) Hair Extensions in every length, colour and style imaginable. This technique was virtually unknown in Adelaide until Jackie arrived and it took the market by storm. Unlike the techniques that were around previously, Jackie’s hair weave technique is long lasting, does not require glue and is completely secure. Jackie says that you can treat it just like your own hair and it requires a minimum of attention to keep it looking glamorous.

There is now  a new technique that is also now sweeping London, Sydney and Los Angeles. providing the hottest look around for some of Adelaide’s best known models together with a host of other discerning clients – Lace front wigs.

It is one of Jackie’s main goals that people get exactly the look they want so she offers a free consultation to all her prospective clients. What this means is that people who want to know more can request a call back to receive a  free personal consultation where Jackie or one of her skilled staff discuss your individual hair type and colouring and advise you on exactly what you need to achieve the look you want. They explain the technique that will be used and what kind of after care the hair will need. All this is free and completely without obligation so that you can go away and think about all you have been told and decide what you want done in your own time.

You may have already heard Jackie’s distinctive Cockney accent on the radio promoting her brainchild. She says that at first it was a bit daunting making radio commercials but she wanted to communicate the sense of fun and the friendly atmosphere of London Hair that she hopes comes across in the commercials.

Jackie says that she loves being in Australia with all the opportunities it has offered her to start her own business and to achieve her dream, which is London Hair.