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Front Lace Wigs

Are everything you always wanted. Choose form 100% human hair that’s top-quality refined Indian Remy. Because Jackie’s Wigs are customised and expertly fitted just for you, they are available in all sizes, hair textures and colours expertly cut and styled to suit every taste from classic to high-fashion, trendy to super-edgy. For the most natural-looking wig woven to your hair so it looks exactly like your natural hair is growing out. (Allow 2-3 weeks after your consultation for your wig to be ready)
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Seamless beauty

By far one of the best benefits of a lace front wig is the natural look it achieves. The lace front construction creates a natural look of hair growth along the hairline, making the wig appear seamless. Another huge benefit to lace front wigs is their versatility. Because of the seamless look achieved by the ace, you can actually pull your hair back and style it away from your face. When a front lace wig is being worn properly it is hard to tell that it is in fact a wig. Even when you brush your hair away from your forehead, regardless of whether or not the lace front wig has bangs, it still looks completely natural. The front lace gives the appearance of natural scalp, so there is no visible border between hair and skin.


Another huge benefit to lace front wigs is that they offer their owners much needed style versatility. Due to the quality of the lace cap underneath the wig, you are able to part the wig in the middle without it showing off the base of the cap.Essentially, you can do more with your lace front wig without showing anyone that you actually have a wig on which is why people love this style. You choose: straight today / curly tomorrow.
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